Rapid Prototype Ceramic Core Tooling

DAI has been working with a tooling source for the last few years that can supply rapid prototype machined aluminum core tooling that can stand up to our injection process. Depending on the size and complexity of the part tooling can be made in as little as 3 to 5 weeks on average. In addition pricing is very competitive compared normal tooling costs. With the ability to produce tooling fast the customer can prove out the design and get a head start on the casting process prior to releasing production tooling. The advantage for us is that we can hone in the shrinks so when production tooling is released there are no concerns on the final fired core size. Another advatage is that depending on the complexity of the part the tooling could produce a couple hundred to a few thousand or more pieces if needed to support the program until the production tooling is ready. Here is another option to prove out a new design or modify and existing design without spending a lot of money up front on new tooling.

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